With Vyond, you can transform complex content into well-dosed learning units quickly. Templates such as themes, music, characters, and objects help you quickly create exciting animated videos.

Fast, intuitive and straightforward

Vyond Studio contains hundreds of ready-made templates suitable for every industry, every role and every scenario. The pre-made scenes give you an easy starting point for your videos, making your creation process faster, easier and more intuitive.

Once created, custom characters and templates or uploaded assets can be shared with the entire team. This allows for easy and efficient collaboration and a consistent look and feel.

Application possibilities

Vyond makes using your videos for any purpose and on any platform easy. All videos are exported as .mp4 files and can be added to video hosting platforms, social media channels and LMS systems. The videos can be exported as animated GIF files for easy use on websites or in emails.

Dynamic videos for any audience

From character-led stories to compelling data visualizations, Vyond software lets you effortlessly create dynamic videos that engage any audience and leave a lasting impression.

Mix different styles, create individual characters for any environment or task and bring them to life with realistic movements, actions and automatic lip-syncing. Or spice up a pre-made template with your own imported media.

Unlimited customization options

Vyond provides three basic styles, each with pre-made templates, characters and pre-animated elements. The various editing tools, such as movements, actions, props and audio, offer infinite possibilities to customize your videos according to your wishes and ideas.

Vyond Go: AI-supported script and video creation

Goodbye creation blocks! Feed Vyond Go some information about the content you want, choose the atmosphere, format and location, and Vyond Go will create a first draft video in seconds. Then, edit the footage in Vyond Studio until it’s exactly what you want.

Live demos

We have developed demos for you to give you a quick and efficient overview of the software. In short 45-minute sequences, you can experience the software live and up close.

Test Vyond

Curious? Vyond offers a 14-day trial version – completely free of charge. This lets you try out and get to know Vyond at your leisure.

Click on the button to request the trial version directly from Vyond.


A scalable plan suitable for teams* in medium and large organizations. Includes advanced features and priority customer support.

* Requires one workstation for each user and cannot be shared.

Vyond Professional

1'005 CHF
per user, annually

How to combine Vyond

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