Reach 360

The perfect alternative to conventional learning management systems. With Reach 360, you can reach all your stakeholders. Reach 360's intuitive user interface also provides a great learning experience.

What is Reach 360?

Reach 360 is an intuitive distribution platform that integrates with Articulate 360 and complements your existing Learning Management System (LMS). The content created in the authoring tools of Articulate 360 can be published directly in Reach 360 and rolled out to colleagues, partners and customers in a self-registration process. There is no need to register and log in users. With the flexible pricing model, you only pay for the number of active users.

Reach more learners in less time

Fast onboarding for internal and external employees/stakeholders via email.

  • Self-registration
  • Group management

Flexible usage structure

Billing is based on actual usage – fluctuating training requirements are no longer a problem!

  • Billing according to active users
  • Flexible tariffs

Training courses that inspire

Exciting, responsive e-learning courses that meet participants where they are.

  • Responsive design
  • Accessible at any time
  • Captivating learning experience

Lean administration for admins

Save yourself and your team the hassle and cost of setting up a traditional LMS.

  • Native integration with Articulate 360
  • Branding possible
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Supports SSO
  • Encrypted
  • DSGVO compliant

Simple administration of training courses

Publish, manage and track courses from Storyline 360, Rise 360 and other authoring tools with just a few clicks.

  • Easy integration thanks to Reach 360 API
  • Intuitive evaluation
  • Exportable reports
  • Supports libraries
  • Supports learning paths

Test Reach 360:

Interested? Articulate offers a 30-day trial version. Click the button to start directly (currently only for Articulate 360 users).

Your benefits

  • Easy access for everyone, including employees with mobile workstations, external service providers, partners and other hard-to-reach people
  • Straightforward user interface that encourages learning
  • Record and analyze participant activity, including exportable reports
  • Publish courses from Storyline 360, Rise 360 or other authoring tools in an instant
  • Flexible pricing to adapt to fluctuating training needs

Use cases

  • Partners: Reach more partners and enable them to learn efficiently in less time.
  • Suppliers: You can onboard your suppliers quickly and easily and give them access via their email addresses.
  • Customers: Enable your customers to self-regulate and manage them in groups within the Reach 360 platform.
  • External service providers: To easily integrate external service providers and give them flexible access to training content.
  • Employees with mobile workstations can access exciting e-learning courses anytime, anywhere.

Are you interested?

Start with the current number of users and stay flexible.

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Software that you can use to extend Reach 360

Create learning content

Articulate 360 is the most comprehensive and popular all-around solution for e-learning authors!

Set training courses to music

Create speech in no time at all. Murf's AI-powered software converts text into authentic human voices.

Create animations

The online animation software Vyond makes creating professional animated videos for all topics and tasks easy.

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