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Since 2002, we have been helping our clients to succeed by putting our experience and expertise in e-learning development to work for them.

We enable our customers to quickly and efficiently transform specialist knowledge into practical, web-based learning modules and information units.

We offer both the appropriate tools and flexible services for creating e-learning content.

One of our development tools is Articulate, which meets the highest requirements for creating e-learning. As an official partner and competence centre of Articulate, our customers benefit from our specialist knowledge and get better results in less time.

2nd place in the Aargau Business Award 2023

In recognition of our innovation and commitment, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded an impressive 2nd place in the 16th Aargau Business Award. The prestigious prize, awarded by the Aargauer Kantonalbank and the trade association, recognizes outstanding achievements in innovation, success and customer satisfaction.

Our award reflects our continuous efforts to achieve excellence in all aspects of our work. Our customer focus, quality of our services, commitment, long-term strategic direction, passion for what we do, and dedication to sustainable solutions were particularly highlighted.

This recognition reinforces our unwavering commitment to the success and satisfaction of our customers. It is a testament to our daily efforts to set and exceed the standards in our industry.

A path characterized by pioneering spirit and progress:
The chronicle of partekk Handels AG

2002 – Foundation of partekk Handels AG

At the beginning of the 2000s, e-learning was still in its infancy and a foreign concept for most people. Our vision was to offer companies innovative e-learning solutions based on the “best of breed” principle. To this end, we travelled the world to provide our customers with the best products. We saw a future where digital education would go beyond traditional teaching methods and reach a new level of efficiency, interactivity and accessibility through software.

2004 – The significant partnership with Articulate

Just two years after our foundation, we entered into a significant partnership with Articulate – one of the most innovative companies in the e-learning industry. We immediately recognized the vast potential and became one of the first partners worldwide. Articulate is recognized as the leading platform for creating online learning content for the workplace, serving over 120,000 organizations in 172 countries worldwide. They develop e-learning software, content and resources that aim to change how the world learns.

This relationship continues to this day and is a testament to the quality and trust between our two companies.

2014 – Official training partner of Articulate

A decade after our foundation, we deepened our relationship with Articulate and became an official training partner. This significant development brings us closer to online knowledge transfer and offers significant added value to our customers. Since then, as an official training partner of Articulate, we have offered our customers exclusive, customized training and resources specifically tailored to the Articulate product range. This positions us as the preferred e-learning and digital education solutions provider, helping our customers achieve their learning goals more efficiently and effectively.

2018 – Growth & the move to Baden and its significance

Due to our growth, we started looking for a new suitable location. To continuously develop and better serve our customers, we decided to relocate to Baden. The move to Baden represented a significant step in our development. It positioned us in an environment rich in innovative opportunities and networks. This has increased our visibility in the industry and ability to react quickly to the market’s changing demands: we recognize and respond to new e-learning and digital education trends.

2020 – Launch of the training program in mediamatics

With an eye on the future and a desire to help train the next generation of professionals, we began training apprentices in mediamatics.

Our program aims to provide learners with a comprehensive and practical education. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical projects to ensure that our learners not only learn but also experience applying and implementing what they have learned in real-life scenarios. This approach enables them to develop a deep understanding of the multi-layered aspects of mediamatics – from software development to web design and digital communication.

2022 – Honoring the legacy of our founder

It was a sad year for us, as our founder tragically passed away. But his legacy lives on in us. In memory of our founder, we are strengthening our commitment to continue to grow and thrive in his spirit. We remain committed to the founding vision of 2002: to revolutionize the e-learning landscape through innovative technologies and solutions and change how people learn for good.

2023 – strategic growth through 1st place as Gold Partner at Articulate

In 2023, partekk reached an outstanding milestone by becoming a #1 Gold Partner with Articulate. This recognition reflects our continued commitment and excellence in e-learning. At the same time, we expanded our portfolio by integrating Reach 360 and the learning management system (LMS) hiveQ. These expansions enabled us to better meet our customers’ needs and offer customized, holistic learning solutions.

In addition, 2023 marked a significant turning point with our move to Zurich. This strategic decision positioned partekk at the heart of a dynamic and innovative economic region. With these steps, we continued our quest to shape the e-learning landscape and take digital education to a new level.

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