20 years of partekk: e-learning experience in all industries

Since our foundation in 2002, we at partekk Handels AG have experienced an impressive journey. In these 20 years, we have worked with over 3000 customers in various industries and gained extensive experience. Our expertise in e-learning is underpinned by our diverse client relationships, ranging from start-ups to international corporations.

Our customers

Recognitions and awards

Official Articulate Partner

As an official partner and certified trainer of Articulate, we at partekk Handels AG have cemented our status in the world of e-learning. Our distinction as a global #1 Articulate "Gold" Partner is a testament to our leadership in the industry and our commitment to excellence in e-learning solutions.

20 years of industry leadership

Since our founding in 2002, we have continuously established ourselves as a leader in the e-learning industry. This long-standing experience is reflected in our diverse customer base. Winning second place in the Aargau Business Award 2023 proves our expertise and success.


»The collaboration with partekk is going very well and smoothly. We particularly like the high level of flexibility and the services, such as creation support, which we are also happy to call on locally.«
Dr. Gerhard Kultermann
Head of Customer Information Center CIC
»Articulate makes it extremely easy to create e-learning modules. And we've also noticed that it's fun. That's not always a given.«
Michael Wenger
Junior Project Leader
»partekk has a high level of customer orientation. I appreciate partekk's willingness to break new ground and get involved in exciting topics and its ability to meet deadlines at short notice.«
René Marques

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