Certified training for the Articulate 360 Suite

As a certified Articulate training partner, we have offered our customers exclusive, customized training and resources since 2014. Learn from the best and benefit from our expertise.

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The Articulate 360 EXPERT Training at a glance

We make YOU an Articulate expert! In 8 sessions, you will complete the ultimate success program for fast and effective results.

Training content

Session 1&2

Überblick über Articulate 360 Software, Grundkonzept von Storyline, erste Schritte in der Kurserstellung und Verwenden der Medienbibliothek

Session 3&4

Verwenden von verschiedenen Fragen und Folien, Screenrecording-Funktionen, Erstellung von Szenarien, Bearbeiten von Player-Einstellungen und Veröffentlichen von Kursen

Session 5&6

Erstellen von Bewegungspfaden und interaktiven Slides, Steuern von Lernpfaden mit Bedingung, Variablen (Zahlen, True/False) und zusätzliche Funktionen in Storyline

Session 7&8

Kennenlernen und Verwenden von Rise 360: erste Kurserstellung, Einbindung von Storyline 360, Export fertiger Kurse, Kennenlernen des Presenter 360 und Verwenden von Peek 360, sowie Replay 360

Session 1&2

Overview of Articulate 360 software, the basic concept of Storyline, first steps in course creation and using the media library.

Session 3&4

Using different questions and slides, screen recording functions, creating scenarios, editing player settings and publishing courses.

Session 5&6

Creating motion paths and interactive slides, controlling learning paths with conditions, variables (numbers, true/false) and additional functions in Storyline.

Session 7&8

Getting to know and using Rise 360: first-course creation, integration of Storyline 360, export of finished courses, getting to know Presenter 360 and using Peek 360 and Replay 360.

Your benefits

Flexible learning

Our online training platform, Zoom, allows you to take part from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Expert knowledge

Our training is based on materials specially developed by Articulate and led by certified trainers.

Flexible timing

The division of our training units into smaller sections allows for flexible scheduling.

Practice-oriented learning

There is enough time between sessions to consolidate what you have learned through exercises and practical applications.

Interactive training

The live training sessions make it possible to clarify questions directly with the trainer and benefit from an interactive learning environment.

Comprehensive materials

To support your learning experience, we provide extensive written materials and video tutorials.

Permanent access

All sessions are recorded and available as a video for a set period. This means that content can be repeated and expanded on at any time.

Flexibility with appointments

If you cannot attend a session for scheduling reasons, you can make up for it anytime.

Our training formats

Your key to success - discover our extensive training formats and boost your e-learning development with the help of certified trainers.

Available training data

Benefit from our well-dosed online courses. Whether at home or work, you will acquire the highest quality user knowledge.


Our self-study training program offers tailor-made training videos you can watch at your own pace. 1:1 coaching supports you with any final questions.


Get an in-house training program tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

What our customers say

»The collaboration with partekk runs very well and smoothly. We particularly like the high level of flexibility and the services, such as creation support, which we are also happy to call on locally.«
Dr. Gerhard Kultermann
Head of Customer Information Center CIC
»Articulate makes it extremely easy to create e-learning modules. And we've also noticed that it's fun. That's not always a given.«
Michael Wenger
Junior Project Leader

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